Thursday, March 12, 2009

More on Immigration

There may still be a lot less immigration than in other parts of Spain but the number of foreigners in Galicia has multiplied by 500% in only ten years. Romanians are now the fifth most numerous group after their numbers increased by 80% in the last year.

Country of origin and amount: Portugal 17,175; Brazil 10,643; Columbia 8,353; Argentina 6,100; Uruguay 4,787; Morocco 4,305; Venezuela 4,217; Peru 2,764; Dominican Rep. 2,705; Cuba 2,124; France 1,703; China 1,551; UK 1,501.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rosalía in Japanese

A translation of one of the key works of the Galician literary renaissance, Cantares gallegos by Rosalía de Castro, has been published in a Japanese-Galician bilingual edition by DTP publishing in Tokyo. It is the work of Takekazu Asaka, who was in Santiago on Tuesday to promote the book. Mr Asaka has previously transalted Lorca's published translations of Lorca's Poemas galegos into his native language, as well as works by Castelao, Pondal, Pardo Bazán and Fernández Flórez. This new edition expands on Asaka's previous translations of Rosalía's poems.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did You Know...?

The overseas vote is crucial in today's Galician election. Over 335,000 people living abroad have the right to vote. That's more than the population of Vigo, Galicia's largest city. They represent 12.7% of the total number on the electoral roll. The highest number of foreign-based potential voters is in Argentina, where over 120,000 Galicians (or their descendents) can exercise their right.