Saturday, September 29, 2007

Breakfast Thoughts

After a 3-week holiday in Scotland I'm having a late breakfast of Spanish coffee, orange juice and Donuts in one of my regular cafes in (L)os Mallos. There may be less of it but Spanish coffee beats Latte any day. Prices are cheaper here too and I'm glad to be away from the fierce North Sea winds which make a mockery of the air temperature. It's good to be back then although I awoke to the sound of morning traffic and construction. Not as peaceful as waking up to the chattering of birds on an Edinburgh back green. My partner and I hope that's the air travel over for a while. It's always been a bit stressful but it's such a carry on now with the extra security measures.

Monday, September 3, 2007

One Day in Europe (Galatasaray-Dépor)

Four vignettes set in Moscow, Istanbul, Santiago de Compostela and Berlin during a fictional European Cup Final between Galatasaray and Deportivo La Coruña. In each story someone is either robbed or claims to have been robbed.

In the Galician capital fans of Depor wander through the streets of the old town and in the police station an officer sits drinking out of a Dépor mug with a scarf on top of the telly. That seems quite feasible even if I have always been led to believe Santiago is a predominately Celta Vigo supporting town.

This film by German director Hannes Stöhr (b.Stuttgart 1970) is unusual in that it comes from an objective European perspective. That’s to say it is not a German film. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that includes so many languages: Russian, English, German, Turkish, Spanish, Galician, French and even a few words of Hungarian.

You don’t have to like football to enjoy this film but it helps. Ideal for those who like their cinema to be realistic and slow-moving without becoming too heavy. I loved it.

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