Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homage in Vigo

Around a hundred people congregated in Pereiró Cemetery in Vigo this summer to pay homage to Emilio Martínez Garrido and seven other socialists and Republicans who were lined up against the cemetery walls and shot on 27th August 1936.

A spokesman for the Vigo collective 'Memoria do 36' said: "We are here without political colours* in defence of democracy and freedom. This was the date when the Fascist hordes tried to murder us, which they did for forty years."

The group held up a placard displaying photos of the victims along with the words "Non esquecemos" - Galician for "Don't Forget Us".

* A Spanish Republican flag was centre stage at the event.

Loosely translated from an article in El País, 28th Aug. 2008